Ideas Without Borders is a boutique communication agency based in Malmo, Sweden. We use the power of ideas to develop sharp and provocative creative solutions that get noticed and get results. We’re equally comfortable in the digital world as we are working with traditional media. 




We connect your brand with your consumers. And convert your consumers into fans. We create interesting ideas that combine strategic planning, creative and technology to deliver measurable results. Ideas that demand a response, that invite a next step and take on a life of their own. Ideas that compel people to get involved.


But the best ideas in the world can fall flat if they’re not supported by immaculate execution. Our fanatical obsession with quality means we’re extremely particular when it comes to every written word and every graphic design detail.


And that’s not limited to big projects. In fact, we pay the same patient attention to detail on every single project – no matter how small. We’re proud of our work and want to be absolutely sure that everything that goes out our door bears our unmistakable stamp.



All our work is created around a simple tenet - to help brands build a strong and lasting connection with its audiences. The way we do that is by making all our work simple, making it inviting to look at, making it fun to read and making it memorable. We’ve put together a small selection of work that demonstrates our skills across advertising, graphic design, branding and English copywriting.



Geography should not be an obstacle when it comes to getting world-class strategic thinking and creative work for your brand.


When you work with a local advertising agency, you can only benefit from their in-house talent, which is limited to the people who work at that agency. This may not always do justice to your brand. And heaven forbid, if you have a modest budget, then you can be sure, you’ll only get a junior team allocated to your brand.


At Ideas Without Borders, you get the benefit of senior, experienced people working on your brand hands on – irrespective of the size of your project. We realise no two projects are alike. Which is why we put together a tailor-made team with relevant skills that can add the best possible value to your brand.


Our past experience working in Europe and in Singapore means we have access to some of the best creative minds in the advertising, graphic design and digital industry in the world. We bring these resources to go to work on your brand.


This way, we leverage best-in-class talent across the world to create a dream team to work on your brand. It could be an English copywriter from London, an art director from India, an illustrator from Sri Lanka and a digital guru from Singapore.